Enhancing Fulfilment Efficiency with KITE KoneX.

connect fulfilment companies to e-commerce platforms

A great plug and play solution to seamlessly connect fulfilment companies to e-commerce platforms


In today’s fast-paced e-commerce landscape, fulfilment companies face numerous challenges in streamlining their operations and integrating various systems and platforms. This is where KITE KoneX™, a SAAS middleware solution developed by Innovation Kite, comes into play. By offering an advanced digital interpreter and universal connector, KITE KoneX™ enables fulfilment companies to create efficient and unique e-commerce supply chains seamlessly. In this article, we will explore the key reasons why fulfilment companies should consider leveraging KITE KoneX™ for their business needs.

Simplified Connectivity

One of the major pain points for third party fulfilment companies is the time, resource and cost required to connect to different e-commerce platforms and services. This either has to be passed onto the client, which risks losing potential new business, or absorbed internally, which adds to operating costs.

KITE KoneX™ solves this problem by providing plug-and-play connectivity options. The platform offers standard connections for most popular platforms available in the market. Additionally, it allows for custom connections to proprietary and legacy systems, ensuring comprehensive integration. By using KITE KoneX™, fulfilment companies can significantly reduce development time and investments associated with connectivity, enabling faster onboarding of new e-commerce companies and services; a major criteria for a client choosing a third party fulfilment company

Comprehensive System Integration

Managing multiple systems simultaneously while avoiding extensive customisations can be a daunting task for fulfilment companies. KITE KoneX™ offers a single integration point, granting plug-and-play access to any system. This eliminates the need for complex customisations and simplifies the integration process. Furthermore, the platform allows for connecting custom systems to KITE KoneX™, providing standardised access to all connected systems. Fulfilment companies can easily add or remove chain links to create or complete their unique supply chains, ensuring flexibility and scalability.

Access to Professional E-commerce Services

Partnering with professional e-commerce providers can enhance a fulfilment company’s operations, but the integration process can often involve IT complexities. KITE KoneX™ eliminates the need for IT integration, enabling fulfilment companies to create an end-to-end personalised e-commerce supply chain seamlessly. With KITE KoneX™, fulfilment companies can consolidate multiple third-party integrations into a single platform, saving costs and simplifying operations. By leveraging the platform’s chain links, ranging from order collection to order fulfilment and business control, fulfilment companies can optimise their supply chain and enhance overall efficiency.

Seamless Platform Switching and Upgrading

Transitioning to new platforms or service providers often entails long and expensive migrations. KITE KoneX™ offers an effortless solution for switching between systems or service providers without the need for extensive migrations. This flexibility allows fulfilment companies to easily plug-and-play with various systems or service providers already integrated into KITE KoneX™. The platform ensures that fulfillment companies remain up-to-date with the latest versions of each connected platform or service, eliminating the hassle of managing multiple migrations.

Legacy System Integration and Duplication

Many fulfilment companies struggle with integrating legacy or proprietary systems into modern standards. KITE KoneX™ enables cross-protocol connections, allowing legacy systems to seamlessly communicate with newer technologies such as JSON and EDI. Additionally, the platform facilitates the effortless splitting of order bundles across multiple fulfilment services and shipment providers. Fulfilment companies can also leverage KITE KoneX™ to duplicate their supply chain at a low cost, accommodating other webshop domains or expanding into new markets.

A Proven Solution

Innovation Kite’s customer base includes a diverse range of clients, from prominent fulfilment companies like PostNL (Dutch Postal Services) and Active Ants (owned by the Belgium Postal Services) to large and international B2B and B2C e-commerce companies like www.nedis.com and www.raamdecoratie.com. These customers choose to work with Innovation Kite and utilise KITE KoneX™ for several compelling reasons.

Firstly, Innovation Kite is a certified development and integration partner for PostNL and Active Ants. This certification speaks to the company’s expertise and ability to support and service high-demanding customers 24/7. Notable clients such as Pepsico/Unwasted, Heineken Blade, Bamboosa, Happyhaves, NoShirt, Lebara, Unilever, and many others have entrusted Innovation Kite for their fulfillment needs.

Furthermore, KITE KoneX™ has been chosen by Channel Advisor as its preferred integration platform. This recognition highlights the platform’s value in offering easy access to specialized fulfilment services for Channel Advisor’s extensive customer base. Companies that opt for KITE KoneX™ typically have a strong focus on optimising their e-commerce business processes. They understand the importance of efficient operations but do not want to dedicate excessive time and resources to specialised IT integration and support. By leveraging KITE KoneX™, these companies can shift their focus towards their core competencies while relying on Innovation Kite’s proven expertise and continuous support.

In summary, Innovation Kite’s customers span from leading fulfillment companies to established B2B and B2C e-commerce enterprises. They choose to work with Innovation Kite and utilize KITE KoneX™ because of the company’s track record in supporting high-demanding customers, its certifications and partnerships, and the ability to streamline e-commerce business processes without the burden of extensive IT integration and support.

Why Evestico?

Evestico are a leading market entry, marketing, ecommerce and fulfilment solutions company, based in the UK. Our unique position, allows us to understand the market dynamics within the ecommerce sector, which is why we are a perfect partner and official representative for KITE KoneX™.

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