New Software Solutions Client for Evestico

Industrial Automation Marketing specialists Evestico have gained the trust of Metronik to market their MePIS RM, a revolutionary central recipe management solution across the UK and Ireland.

MePIS RM is a recipe development environment, lifecycle workflow environment, download engine and storage platform all in one. Developed by Metronik, it enables central recipe storage, creation of workflows that lead all main stakeholders through the whole recipe lifecycle, standard uploads and downloads, full line security and audit trail, and multiple simultaneous downloads (class-based recipes). MePIS RM is fully compliant with FDA and EudraLex guidelines for software products (21 CFR Part 11, GMP Annex 11).

This unique solution allows users to speed up the preparation, approval and download of a list of recipes to the selected process systems wherever, whenever, using their preferred device (computer, tablet or mobile).

“MePIS RM will complement our strong portfolio of industrial automation clients,” explained Robin Buxton, Business Relations Director of Evestico Ltd. “The software has been incredibly popular with pharmaceutical customers across mainland Europe, so it made sense to expand its reach to distribute in the UK and Ireland markets. It speeds up recipe-handling processes while reducing manual work and dead time, but most importantly improves GMP compliance.”

MePIS RM decreases human errors and production deviations, whilst improving recipe data integrity, giving the customer a full line security and audit trail. It will also interface with on-site MES and ERP solutions.”

Often, setting up machine parameters and equipment is a time-consuming process in the life science industry, which is prone to human error and involves many processes that are often paper based. Frequently, the recipes are saved directly onto the machine and data must be entered manually and approval workflows are missing in the software.

MEPIS RM does away with all these inefficiencies and results in increased data integrity, shorter lead times, no deviations caused by manual input errors and a time saving of up to 6 hours per recipe and machine.

It is worth mentioning that MEPIS RM is also useful for companies from non-regulated environments to overcome the challenges of recipe management with many machines or complex data and workflows.

Evestico has been selected among the Top 30 Lead Generation Companies 

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