Clear inventory

Improvement engagement

Significantly decrease cart abandonment rate

Increase average basket

Increase overall sales

Simply set your parameters and Nibble will negotiate on your behalf.

What is Nibble?

Nibble is an acclaimed intelligent ai negotiation app that is designed specifically for the realm of ecommerce, boasting an array of accolades that testify to its exceptional performance. This award-winning platform revolutionises the shopping experience by empowering customers to make offers directly on product pages, yielding instant outcomes. By seamlessly integrating with ecommerce websites, Nibble introduces a novel dimension of interactivity and negotiation, enhancing customer engagement and satisfaction.

With Nibble, customers are no longer confined to fixed prices but can instead propose their own prices, bridging the gap between buyer and seller. This innovative approach fosters a sense of agency and personalisation, instilling a heightened sense of customer loyalty and trust. Nibble’s advanced algorithms and machine learning capabilities enable real-time responses, ensuring swift and efficient negotiations.

Transform your customers from anonymous site visitors to active, individual participants in a fun win-win negotiation. Let them engage and divulge their true wants, motivations and limits for you to automatically respond to with offers that are true to your brand.

Stop your hard-won visitors failing to commit by giving them a personalised and engaging reason to buy. That’s intelligent ai negotiation.

Why e-retailers love Nibble

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    MOTIVATE undecided shoppers into action

    Higher conversions and bigger baskets, with less margin sacrifice than traditional discounting. NO MORE DISCOUNT COUPONS!

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    YOU decide when you want it to appear

    Make Nibble a subscriber-only benefit, product-specific, or trigger only on exit intent or dwell time.

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    Nibble is FUN and will entertain and engage customers

    Differentiate with a new way to make customers smile, return and share their experience.

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    CLEAR your excess stock

    Take back control of discounting, protect margins and strike deals based on value, not just price.

Brands that use Nibble have the most engaged customers


returning visitors


5 Stars

“…allows us to keep margins healthy”

Warner Distillery


hours-worth of chats per month



of users request product bundles

Lucky Voice


Nibble is a fun, friendly chatbot – of course it plays well with others






So you see – it’s not just another ChatBot

It’s an Intelligent AI Negotiator

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