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Are you a B2B company looking for efficient and cost-effective warehousing and fulfilment solutions, that will ensure the management and delivery of goods from one business to another by a fulfilment provider? Let Evestico be your trusted broker in warehousing and fulfilment. We can save you time, hassle and money, regardless of the nature of product you sell, which can range from garden furniture to pallets of consumables.
Evestico has a wealth of experience in connecting businesses like yours with the best providers in the industry. We understand that every business has unique needs, which is why we take a personalised approach to warehousing and fulfilment, matching you with providers who can meet your specific requirements.
With our extensive network of warehousing and fulfilment providers in the UK and across Europe, we can offer you competitive quotes that are tailored to your business. We pride ourselves on our transparency and commitment to finding you the best possible solution.
EDI Compliant
If you are shipping to retailers, major retailers have strict compliance guidelines with financial penalties if the rules aren’t followed. Bar codes, parcel labels, invoices and booking times are all subject to compliance. So, we will only provide quotes from fulfilment companies who are EDI compliant for B2B orders for most major retailers.

Why use Evestico to find the best B2B Fulfilment solution for you

First of all, we understand that B2B fulfilment differs from B2C in the following ways:

  • Shipping goods in bulk requires a unique logistical approach to ensure goods are transported safely and efficiently.
  • You may require import services, see our Logistics Solutions.
  • Many B2B orders are palletised and shipped as a freight delivery, making the service more labour intensive.
  • We cover all of the UK & Europe.
  • The physical size of B2B orders presents a different kind of challenge from B2C for picking and packing.
  • Your partner must be able to integrate with your shopping channels, regardless of whether you are a wholesalers, resellers, or fast-growing start-up.

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