How our Fulfilment Solution works

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We obtain 3 quotes on your behalf

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The Pitfalls of Sourcing a Fulfilment Company yourself

The simple truth is that some fulfilment companies perform poorly. In the many years we’ve been involved in fulfilment industry, we’ve witnessed countless disasters …from problems with mis-shipments to invoicing and pricing issues to inventory going missing and then strangely appearing months later and much more. Outsourcing with a poor performing warehouse will cost your company dearly, both in terms of reputation and revenue. There are so many mistakes that can happen if you choose the wrong fulfillment company:

  1. Errors. When shipments go out incorrectly, it can cause a tidal wave of damage to your business. Poor fulfilment companies usually haven’t invested in a modern warehouse management system. So many of the processes are manual which leads to human error.
  2. Customisation.  The best fulfilment companies offer services that fit your needs, rather than try to shoehorn you into one of their processes.
  3. Inventory. There are some fulfilment companies still operating with spreadsheets and basic inventory systems. The better companies has invested in technology to deliver results and reporting realtime reporting dashboards.
  4. Pricing. Every fulfilment company structures their pricing differently, so it can difficult to compare quotes without the help of an expert like Evestico.
  5. Specialism. Fulfilment companies tend to specialise in particular products. So knowing who to approach in the first place can save you a lot of time.

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We Care About Your Privacy. Your information is shared with only pre-screened providers. And you can chose to be anonymous initially.

How our Fulfilment solution works

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    You fill out one quick form

    If we need to ask any further details, we'll email you

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    We obtain 3 quotes on your behalf

    After reviewing your details, we'll select the most appropriate fulfilment companies to approach, keeping your details anonymous if you have asked us.

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    We run through the quotes with you

    At this stage, you can chose to get us to ask further questions of the providers, or we can facilitate up a online meeting with the providers.

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    You then deal directly with your chosen provider

    Our service is completely FREE to both you and the fulfilment companies. All we ask is that you review our other services under our Solutions section and consider using us if you have a need.

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