What if every e-commerce system was Plug & Play?

With KITE KoneX ™ you can seamlessly connect your webshop to fulfilment providers

You can also easily connect to market platforms such as Channel Advisor, BOL and Amazon

Trust by major brands & leading European fulfilment companies

Get connected today with one simple system.

Website Integration with KITE KoneX™

We recognise the challenges involved in website integration, especially  seamlessly integrating e-commerce systems, from webshops to fulfillment. Despite existing standards, customisation often becomes necessary, particularly when dealing with multiple systems.

That’s where KITE KoneX™ comes in. Acting as a digital interpreter and a universal connector, it enables seamless connections between the most common systems, allowing you to create your own unique e-commerce supply chain effortlessly. In no time at all, you can establish a solid connection between various systems.

Even if you have deviating systems in place, worry not. Our experienced development team is here to provide tailor-made connections that cater specifically to your requirements. With a single custom integration, you gain access to all the systems supported by KITE KoneX™.

Experience the power of Website Integration with KITE KoneX™ and streamline your e-commerce operations like never before.

Connecting the dots of your e-commerce supply chain

Technology is never a constraint

KITE KoneX™ is a universal connector and digital interpreter to effortlessly connect any e-commerce platform without customisation.

Think of the most common webshop platforms, market places, ERP, order management and CRM systems. Where many other universal connectors stop at the capabilities of the webshop platform, KITE KoneX™ continues through fulfilment and delivery and back again.

There are web shop and custom interfaces for most of the web shop platforms, order management systems and eCommerce webservers available in the marketplace today.


Why KITE KoneX™ works for everyone

KITE KoneX™ simply and seamlessly connect all systems and parties across the entire e-commerce supply chain.

KITE KoneX™ for webshops

KITE KoneX™ provides you with a universal service entrance, enabling easy Plug & Play connectivity with the most frequently utilised stock and order systems, ERP, and CRMs. Additionally, seamless integration with market platforms like Channel Advisor, BOL, and Amazon is made possible. Moreover, you gain direct access to the services offered by leading fulfilment providers in Europe and beyond. While you focus on online sales, we prioritize optimising your supply chain for maximum efficiency.

KITE KoneX™ for fulfilment companies

Achieve faster connectivity with additional online stores and distributors. Reduce the IT integration threshold for your end customers, freeing up valuable time to concentrate on internal IT infrastructure and processes. Experience increased sales within a shorter timeframe, maximising productivity and efficiency.

KITE KoneX™ for marketplaces

As an intermediary in the e-commerce chain, we specialise in providing an extensive range of n-to-m integrations. By offering these integrations, we facilitate higher transaction volumes, allowing for increased efficiency and scalability across your platform.

KITE KoneX™ for e-commerce chain partners

By utilising our standard connection and integration to our specialised e-commerce system or service, you gain immediate access to a rapidly expanding customer base across Europe. This enables you to effectively reach and engage with a larger number of potential customers.

Get connected today with one simple system.