Evestico Expands Trusted Fulfilment Partner network to Top 10 E-Commerce Markets

Top 10 e-commerce markets

[8th April 2024] – Evestico, a leading provider of market entry solutions, is excited to announce a major milestone in its journey to revolutionise global e-commerce logistics. Today, we proudly unveil the expansion of our Trusted Fulfilment Partner network to encompass all of the Top 10 e-commerce markets worldwide.

With Trusted Fulfilment Partners now established in China, USA, UK, Japan, South Korea, India, Germany, Indonesia, Canada, and France, Evestico offers businesses a safe and easy route to go global. This achievement signifies a significant leap forward for e-commerce businesses seeking to expand their reach and streamline their international operations.

Through our extensive partner network, Evestico provides businesses with a consolidated inventory management solution, allowing them to store their products centrally and ship directly to any of our Trusted Fulfilment Partners worldwide. Additionally, we offer assistance with integrating e-commerce platforms with local marketplaces, setting up local entities, and managing international VAT compliance, ensuring a seamless transition into new markets.

For e-commerce businesses, Evestico’s expanded network opens up endless possibilities for global expansion, offering a comprehensive solution to navigate the complexities of cross-border trade. By leveraging our partner network, businesses can tap into new international markets with confidence, knowing they have a trusted ally to support their growth journey.

Furthermore, our Trusted Fulfilment Partners also stand to benefit from this expansion, as they can now offer their clients access to new international markets, adding even more value to the services they provide. This partnership strengthens our commitment to empowering businesses worldwide and facilitating seamless global trade.

“We are thrilled to announce the expansion of our Trusted Fulfilment Partner network to cover all of the Top 10 e-commerce markets,” said Robin Buxton, Business Relations Director at Evestico. “This achievement underscores our dedication to providing businesses with the tools and support they need to succeed in the global marketplace. With our expanded network, we look forward to helping even more businesses go global and achieve their e-commerce goals.”

For more information about Evestico and our Trusted Fulfilment Partner network, please visit www.evestico.com